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Fall '23


They disappear —
waxweeds wane,
yarrows in the eyes
again, and rhododendrons
playing fugues
sing mist recoiling,
round and dense
as a prayer.

Stars have ignited for far less
than this — my hunger — 
remembering you.

Do birds feed in the air?

On plaintive thistles,
the dark moves
slowly, turning out
silhouettes for shadows.

In the attic, a finch
makes a sound
that no one hears,
silences melting, silence
in the bones that tilts
sideways and curious.

You disappear —
hunger glides, and on the tulips
a hairpin trigger.






Lucas L. Fernandes holds degrees in both English and Philosophy from Salem State University. He is the founder and editor of Enstance, an online journal for emerging artists and poets. When he isn't writing poetry he is obsessing over poetry. Currently, he is seeking out MFA programs in Creative Writing. This is his first publication.

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