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Winter '24


I made this piece to honour a friend on the momentous occasion of completing her Psychology PhD. She courageously broke free of the repressive expectations imposed on her by family and tribe, without forfeiting the vibrant culture that shaped her into the strong, intelligent woman she is today. The script on the scroll, and the title of this piece, is "Iqra," which translates to "read."


—Bibi Balkhi

Bibi Balkhi is an artist and writer based in Metro Vancouver, and she's finally slaying the beast of procrastination to submit her work again. She lost her attention span to COVID exposure and the mundanity of a 9-5, but she's clawing her way back into coherency. In her free time, she enjoys creating and consuming surreal art, and falling into obscure Wikipedia spirals when she should be asleep. She names all of her pets after snacks because they're cute enough to eat, and she also enjoys cooking. (The two are unrelated.)  She hopes you enjoy her work! 

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