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Spring '24


       after Samuel Adeyemi


It is the end of winter. The pink carnations,

like memories of the one I love, are flush and

flourishing. The air, sage-green like a mangrove

swamp in spring. Two hearts grooved into love’s

loam. A brittle promise, like a bud, sprouting in our

hands. The animal in us, ravenous in its passion.

Our thirst, a double-edged sword. It wants to cut

and still touch. Such wildness, the heart. Such

violence. We share a kiss beneath the mistletoe.

The serenade of the beloved in our lips, like an

undying sonata. No one told us the denouement

was near. We learnt so fast how short forever was.

Our voices, splayed apart like the distance between

a whisper and an echo. The distance deluges. Every

road that led us together led us back to loneliness.

A river between us yawning drought. The hunger

of our desires, full of malice. I placed my faith in

your mouth and you swallowed it. Whole and alive.

Adesiyan Oluwapelumi, TPC XI, is a medical student, poet, essayist & Assistant Editor of Fiery Scribe Review from Nigeria. Winner of the Team Booktu Poetry Contest (2024), he & his works are featured in 20.35, Fantasy Magazine, Poet Lore, Tab Journal, Poetry Wales, Variant Literature & elsewhere. 

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