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Poetry Prize open for submissions until 7/15



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"See us ditching our sixth period math class to bask like seals on the lawn, braid dandelions into each other’s hair, hit our juuls when teachers turn their backs. See us lounge in hazy expectancy, waiting."

Esmé Kaplan-Kinsey "Senioritis"

"i used to dread sundays in the years / when nylon knee-high socks were the vogue / for proper girls

Hayley Gibbons "Good Days"

"In darkness of debt, eviction, and perhaps most damning; embarrassment I took a walk amidst apartments leased with student loans & drug deals"

Brandon Shane "The Till"

v is a literary arts publication featuring vibrant compositions in scenic unison from established and emerging writers and artists. Learn more.

We're open for submissions to our Summer Issue until July 31st, 2024.

Submit Poetry, Prose, Creative Non-Fiction, Essays, and Artwork. Visit our Submissions page for Guidelines and more details. 

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